Welcome to Tennessee College of Applied Technology - Crump


For nearly 50 years, Tennessee College of Applied Technology has served the citizens of this area.  It is very possible that you have family or friends who have benefited from the services that we offer.  It is our  desire to provide quality workforce training and development that will allow you to obtain the necessary technical skills and knowledge needed to be successful in your chosen field.  The entire faculty and staff of TCAT Crump are here to help you reach your educational goals.

The College is a state funded educational institution; serving southern Tennessee as well as portions of Alabama and Mississippi.  It is our pleasure to provide the training, education and life-long learning opportunities that lead to the development of a skilled workforce.

As our logo states, Workforce Development – It’s What We Do!  TCAT Crump continues to energize the potential in hundreds of individuals, helping to improve their lives, and  contribute added value to the economic wealth of the communities we serve. Our graduates strengthen the area economy as a result of the application of skills and knowledge acquired at the College. 


Thank you for choosing TCAT Crump as your educational provider!



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